Posters and Demos

LiDAR point cloud analysis
Testing and Program Analysis-based Verification of Programs for Industrial Robots
Testing of Large Scale IoT Applications
Software Engineering and Analysis Lab
Burning a Graph in Efficient Time : Modeling Spread of Social Contagions
A Faster Third-Order Masking of Lookup Tables
A Static Analysis Approach to Mitigate SEUs
A fresh look at software engineering with statecharts (Poster + Demo)
Advanced Thermal Management in HPC: Implementing Per-CPU Core based Temperature Aware Scheduling
Revolutionizing Container Security: Implementing Zero Trust Architecture, Enhanced Network Security, Audit and Compliance
Applications Related to Semantic Segmentation of 3D LiDAR Point Clouds
Data Science
Knowledge Management Framework Over Low Resource Indian Colloquial Language Audio Contents (Demo)
Vector-Based Semantic Scenario Search for Vehicular Traffic
Web Science for Development
Policy Based Consent Service Architecture for Data Trusts
Development of Deep Learning based Systems for Improved Medical Diagnosis
Few Shots Image Segmentation
Improving Throughput of Panoptic Segmentation
Building 3D Virtual Worlds From Monocular Images of Urban Road Traffic Scenes (Demo)
Querying Domain-specific Websites and Documents (with Text and Tables) using LLMs and Knowledge Graphs
Knowledge Graph Anonymization using Sentence Embeddings and Optimal Selection of k and l
Novel Applications of Machine Learning for Natural Hazard Risk Studies for Climate Actions
ML/DL for Analysis of Chart Images
A Topological Distance between Multi-fields based on Multi-Dimensional Persistence Diagrams
A Topological Similarity Measure between Multi-Resolution Reeb Spaces
Topological Shape Matching using Multi-Dimensional Reeb Graphs
Impact of Urbanisation on Environment
Burning Numbers
Completeness based distributed process tracking in streaming data systems 
Face De-identification in videos (Demo)
Virtual Avatars for Conversational Agents (Demo)
Review of realistic behavior and appearance generation in embodied conversational agents: A comparison between traditional and modern approaches
RID-Twin: An end-to-end pipeline for automatic face de-identification in videos
Automatic Visual Assessment and Visualisation of Exercises for Rehabilitation Patients using Body Pose Landmarks and Features
IT & Society
CITAPP - The journey so far
Agritech Startups and Inclusion of Small-Scale Producers: Evidence from High-Value Chains in Karnataka, India
5 years of the Fairwork platform ratings
“My data or yours?” Unraveling Privacy Among Consumers of Digital Credit in India
Digital Data Privacy and Consent: Tracing the Contours of an Emergent Social Contract
Modelling cross border online gig work
NAVIGATING THROUGH DATA FRAGMENTATION: Opportunities and Challenges for ICT-enabled Malnutrition Management
Reselling Practices in a Textile Bazaar: Translating E-Commerce platforms to WhatsApp Interactive Selling
Android as an Assistive Technology
Complexity of First-Mile and Last-Mile Networks: An Ethnographic Inquiry of Digital Public Service System Production in an Urban Setting in India
Financial Incentives to Whistleblowers to Prevent Privacy Violations Poat the DPDP Act 2023
Economic and Regulatory aspects of PMWANI Public Wi-Fi Program in India
Platforming PCOS Treatment Online: FemTech Logics of Care
Creating a Digital Literacy Curriculum for Blind Children in India
Physics of Complex Systems
Exploring nonlinear dynamics of parametrically excited mechanical systems
Complexities in fluid transport in plants : modifying the Cohesion-Tension theory
Topological Analysis of 3D-Helically Rotating HD Turbulent Flows
Introduction to Quantum Internet & Large Quantum Networks
FPGA Implementation of 5G-NR Downlink Control Channel
Physical Layer Security for RIS-aided Vehicular Communication
IIITB COMET Lab: 5G and Beyond Wireless System Design (Poster + Demo)
IoT Enabled Compost Monitoring Systems using 5G Networks (Demo)
Sparse Bayesian Learning-based Channel Estimation for IRS-aided Millimeter Wave Massive MIMO Systems
Dynamic Multi-hop Routing Algorithms for UAV-Assisted Communication: 5G and Beyond
Fast Beam Search for Multi-user Millimeter-wave Massive MIMO Systems
5G and Beyond Technologies
Service Provisioning and Resource Management for QoS and QoE Satisfaction in 5G-Advanced and 6G Network Slicing
Demonstration of OpenAirInterface for physical layer communication (Demo)
Joint power control and passive beamforming for IRS-assisted spectrum sharing
Non-contact cross-medium communication
Few-shot learning based E2E ASR
Auto-associative memory formulations for information storage, retrieval and sequence decoding
Physical Layer Security Performance in Spectrum-Sharing 6G Wireless Networks
Advanced Wireless Communications Lab Overview
Radar Sensing Lab-A sneak peek
Planar Collision-free Trochoidal Paths for a Multi-robot Swarm (Demo)
Localisation and navigation (Demo)
Connected Devices and Wearables Lab (Poster + Demo)
Hybrid multi-tile vector systollic architecture for accelerating convolution on FPGAs
FP-BMAC: An efficient Bit-Parallel MAC processor using IMC
Human Stress Detection using Neuromorphic Computing, Neuro Evolution of Spiking Neural Networks, and GOLDS: Genetic Algorithm-based Optimization of Custom FPGA Architecture Layout Design for Secure Silicon
Hardware accelerators for radio demodulation, hardware security, and independent component analysis
Stroke Rehabilitation Systems
Advanced Wheelchair Rehabilitation: Surface EMG- augmented 9-DoF System for Upper and Lower Limb (Poster + Demo)
APPROXIMATE COMPUTING : Hardware Acceleration for Machine Learning