Digital Governance – It’s Different !!

Jul 19, 2022 | Articles, News, Technology

Many a times, we use the terms “Digital Governance” and “E-Governance” interchangeably. However, as we delve deeper into the use of ICT for services offered by governments for their citizens, we understand that these two terms are not the same.

The proponents of “Digital Governance” would definitely shout out loud “It’s Different” and has the potential to create far-reaching & positive impact for governments and their citizens.

According to OECD (The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), E-government is usually the first phase of Digital Government.

OECD defines Digital Government as the use of digital technologies, as an integrated part of governments’ modernisation strategies – to create public value. Digital Government relies on creating an ecosystem comprising of government actors, non-governmental organisations, businesses, citizens’ associations and individuals which supports the production of and access to data, services and content through interactions with the government.

E-Government, on the other hand, is defined as – the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), and particularly the internet, as tool to achieve better governance.

You might have heard that we, at IIITB, are setting up a new Centre – Centre for Technology, Research & Innovation in the field of Digital Governance – with funding from Government of Karnataka (GoK). The purpose of this centre is to work collaboratively with the Centre of E-Governance (CoEG), GoK and come up with ICT tools that would help GoK leap-frog from E-Governance to “Digital Governance”.

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  • IIITB’s CTRI-DG (the upcoming centre)

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