Overcoming Identity Crisis

Jul 19, 2022 | Featured, News, Technology

All of us – on a daily basis – experience this basic fact that “Unless somebody certifies that we are so and so – We don’t even exist”. Imagine for a second that we have lost our wallet containing all the important documents – it is not possible for us to prove our identity to anyone.

Until, our Indian government rolled out the Aadhar – a disruptive initiative that allowed us to identify ourselves in a paper-less fashion & most of the times, remotely as well. Aadhar has been a great success in India and many value-added services have leveraged Aadhar successfully (Unified Payment Interface, Know-your-customer, Digital Existence life certificate for pension / insurance, to name a few).

It is also well-known that Aadhar is a proprietary technology of Government of India and consequently, cannot be leveraged by other Industries, Not-for-Profit Organizations and Governments.

Having understood the potential of Aadhar and having realized the technology complexity of implementing such a disruptive solution – IIITB, with an intent to help other emerging / less-developed countries partnered with different social organizations and not-for-profit funding agencies to work on MOSIP (Modular Open Source Identity Platform) a few years back.

Earlier, in Yr. 2022, this Platform got completed and has been rolled out successfully in multiple countries – thereby solving the “Identity Crisis” faced by their citizens.

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